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Catalog "Lifesaver?" Special exhibition

The German steel helmet is one of the key symbols of the First World War.

The exhibition "Lifesaver? The German Steel Helmet in World War I"

gives an insight into the invention, production and introduction of the German steel helmet during World War I and its effects on people.


In addition to the first German steel helmet model, its predecessors and further developments, selected international helmets and rare models are shown.

Take your impressions from the collection home with you and get an in-depth look at the exhibition theme.

In addition to the contents of the exhibition, the booklet also contains exclusive insights and high-quality detailed photographs of the objects that cannot be shown in the exhibition. It is therefore not only suitable as a reminder after visiting the exhibition, but also as a reference work for collectors.

Softcover; 52 Pages

Please also note our beautiful postcard set for this special exhibition,

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